Greetings fellow organics! The boys are 25 episodes in and not stopping any time soon! On the first episode of the last month of the year, Winston has everyone talk about the best movies they’ve seen in 2016, and Mark asks what experiments, no matter how unethical, the guys would want to do. After RRR, David wants to bang robots and has everyone debate anything and everything about “sex robots” (including some spoiler-free Westworld discussion). Xian’s topic is slapped at the end of the show with a game of Pie Face.

Served with a side of David’s favorite whipped cream.

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Hosted by 100% Organic, Winston McDaniel

Topics / Minutes

  • 00:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 00:00 Top Movies of 2016
  • 00:00 Ethics Be Damned; Experiments!
  • 00:00 Real Recognizing Real: Rushing Attack
  • 00:00 SEX ROBOTS! Is It Cheating?
  • 00:00 Pie Face

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