After a nice vacation, eating food, drinking, and then–in some cases–expelling food, the guys return to the Knick Knack Room to provide you with some SRSLY good entertainment.

David is the skipper this week and starts off the show by telling us about these 36 questions to fall in love with someone. The guys don’t answer the questions on this episode though you can check out episode 24.5 (released at the same time as this one) to hear their answers. Xian then asks everyone to talk about their fashion faux pas of yesteryear which includes dyed beards and studded clothing. Yikes. Winston, fresh off a binger on the newest Pokemon game (SRSLY, go pick it up!) he asks everyone what gym type they would host in the world of Pokemon. Mark ends off the show with a few rounds of the popular game, The 5 Second Rule.



Be sure to check out “The Important Questions” on iTunes

Also “Important Question?” on iTunes too! (freebie there…)

But don’t get them mixed up (like some of us did!)

Hosted by Cher himself, David the Day.

Topics / Minutes

  • 00:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 00:00 36 Questions to Fall In Love
  • 00:00 Teenage Fashion Faux Pas
  • 00:00 Real Recognizing Real: The Important Questions
  • 00:00 What Pokemon Gym Type Are You?
  • 00:00 5-Second Rule Game

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