On Election Eve the guys sit back and talk about Trump V. Clint–

Nah.. Fuck that.

INSTEAD the guys talk about other things such such OCD / Superstitious things they do, Kickstarter highs and lows, things that they don’t do anymore and what would get them back into them, then episode 021 ends in hilarious fashion with a healthy dose of the epic card game, “Utter Nonsense!”

The guys wanted everyone to know that they love everyone and they apologize for their terrible, terrible accents.

But, hey… it was funny.

Be sure to check out Two Middle Aged Dudes With a Microphone at: 2middleageddudes.wordpress.com or on iTunes! Such good stuff! Look out for Ed!

Hosted by the Southern-Gentleman himself, Winston McDaniel

Topics / Minutes

  • 00:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 00:00 OCD / Superstitious Habits
  • 00:00 Kickstarter Wins and Fails
  • 00:00 Real Realizing Real: Two Middle Aged Dudes With a Microphone
  • 00:00 Things We Don’t Do, But Would Like To
  • 00:00 Utter Nonsense!

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