The freshest episode since episode 018 features a special guest/friend/artist/med school student/dad: Spencer Waters. While he may not make YouTube videos professionally or play in a sick pop outfit–he does bring an interesting viewpoint to the show being a new and young father.

The rundown of the show goes a little something like this:

Winston gets selfish, goes first and asks everyone “What attracts you to a potential mate that IS NOT physical?” (So pretty much the guys talk about their S.O.s)
Xian is curious on which of the 5 major senses would we give up and how would it affect our day-to-day lives.
Spencer fuels the idea of having a daughter and asks the cast what they want their legacy to be.
David gives everyone (primarily a salivating Winston) on tips and tricks to being a Floridan and getting the most bang for your buck at Disney World.
Mark ends the show off with having everyone take turns making horror slasher films.

So yeah… just another night at the Knick Knack Room… but it’s one you WON’T forget! OR ELSE.


Hosted by Binston? Err, no: Winston!

Topics / Minutes

  • 00:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 00:00 Non-Physical Attractiveness
  • 00:00 Which of the Senses Would You Give Up?
  • 00:00 What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?
  • 00:00 Musical Break: Rise of Saturn – “Respect! My Flow!”
  • 00:00 Disney World Tips
  • 00:00 SrslyCasual Cinematic Universe Slasher Films

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