Whoooa watch out there guys and gals, SrslyCasual has hit episode 018 which means we are LEGAL! ANYTHING can happen now! How do the guys celebrate?


Ya’ damn right, PIZZA.

David the Day has the guys try each of the major pizza chains and rate them in his strict rubric. Will Domino’s out Pizza the Hut? Will Papa be the main cheese? Or will underdog Hungry Howie’s or no-name Marco’s win? THIS EPISODE HAS THE ANSWER. Shortly after, the only thing that seemed fitting is if everyone… taste tested beer! It’s October so it has to be PUMPKIN beer! Yay! I wonder who chose this topic…

As the guys digest, Winston has everyone talk about their favorite hero/villain rivalries. After a great musical break, Xian has everyone put on their tin caps on and talk about strange myths or urban legends. Then it’s SrslyCasual’s first Let’s Play as the guys play a couple rounds of the popular video game, Overcooked! (This topic is recommended to be viewed on our YouTube channel).

Papa, Papa Bless.

We have a Pineapple…. we have a pizza… UGHN!…PineapplePizza!

Hosted by the Pizza King himself, David the Day

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 00:00 Chain Pizza Taste Off
  • 00:00 Pumpkin Spice Beer Taste Off
  • 00:00 Hero/Villain Combos
  • 00:00 Musical Break: Sometimes Sentinel – “Running in Circles”
  • 00:00 Cryptozoology Creatures
  • 00:00 Let’s Play: Overcooked

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