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In this wild episode David comes to the show concerned about his addiction to Vitamin gummies. To save his sanity from too much of the good stuff, he asks the crew to try a multitude of different gummies to find a good surrogate. TD;LR They just eat a shit tone of gummies and talk about it. Mark talks to the guys about Dinosaurs (It only took him 17 episodes–we’re shocked!) complete with a quiz that YOU TOO can take. Winston dares everyone to dive into the world of “Casual Encounters” before the musical break. Xian then dooms everyone and has the guys put lip retractors in their mouths and say phrases the other hosts have to guess. Pro Tip: Watch this segment if you can. The SrslyCasual closing pitcher, Jettero, then simply asks everyone, “What drives you to drink?”

End scene.

Srsly…. “B’s” SUCK.

m4m NSA plz.


Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 14:13 Fruit Snack Taste Off
  • 25:36 Dinosaur Quiz
  • 39:10 Casual Encounters of the Craigslist Kind
  • 48:15 Musical Break: The Time Framed – “Bombshell Baby”
  • 52:33 Lip Retractor Game
  • 1:06:32 Why Do You Drink?

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