Well, this one is one for the books… some really strange books.

On this David the Day hosted jam, the guys discuss a little heaping of topics that will A) make you chuckle and B) most likely will make you ask yourself the hard questions… ya know, might even make you look at plumbers a little differently.

Winston kicks off the show with a little game of casting the lead role and director of another host’s biopic, much to Winston’s own demise. Xian poses the question that if we were all in a RPG (role playing game for the non-initiated) what kinds of loot would we drop if we were slain. David then…well… opens up Pandora’s box with a little made up game called “And Then What Happened?!” (Yes, Mark inspired this topic…the little rascal). After the musical break Mark destroys Pandora’s box and has the guys play a terrible (yet funny) game of “Would You Rather”. *Chills* Jettero cleanses everyone’s palates by asking us which video game character would you want to be.. or strive to be.

Mark… man, his mind can go places.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up
  • 18:24 SrslyCasual Biopic Casting
  • 29:42 Phat Loot Drops
  • 37:19 And Then What Happened?
  • 46:08 Musical Break: Operocia – “We All Fall Down”
  • 50:23 Would You Rather?
  • 1:10:43 Video Game Character Casting

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