Winston is back just in time for another episode of your favorite podcast about a lovable batch of goons so the cast is in FULL swing. Take that how you wish.

Xian starts off the show in vogue fashion and asks the guys what three fictional characters represent them. #Trending. Mark, the Game Master, asks everyone what their favorite and least favorite game mechanics are in video games or board games. Winston now loves Reddit and is chomping at the bit for more subreddits and wants to know everyone’s favorites– which in true SrslyCasual fashion… are sexual. Yay.

After a musical break by San Antonio-based group “Traducer”, David asks us to invent some rides for the Star Wars section at Disney World. Jettero ends the show off by asking the cast to put on their smart people caps (which Winston just… totally ignores) and asks what piece of technology would we want to invent and why.Hey! Winston didn’t get sued this time! YAY!

Hosted by Secret Agent Man, Winston McDaniel.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up (#SrslyCurrentJam)
  • 00:00 Three Character Self
  • 00:00 Game Mechanics
  • 00:00 Reddit Love
  • 00:00 Musical Break: Traducer – “minaturself”
  • 00:00 New Star Wars Rides at Disney
  • 00:00 Invent Something!

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