The guys of SrslyCasual are joined by YouTube supa’ star, Hunter Hughes, AKA Dookieshed! After a threatening lawsuit and David being a butt about football–the guys learn about Hunter’s rise to success on YouTube. He asks the guys what their favorite childhood games were AND what their 2016 GAME OF THE YEAR is (so far). Jettero wants to know what the best advice we’ve ever received is. David asks to take a deep dive into our darkest fears (sorta). After a musical break, Winston has the guys play a game of “If YOU were a Popstar…” #Fabulous. Xian ends the show off asking us about what our favorite current comics to read are.

It’s a great show with a packed cast but it’s just got a little bit of everything! Just another night at the Breakfast Bar!

Thank you again to Hunter for being on the show and being a GREAT guest host! You best be come’n back!  Find links to his YouTube channels below in the Links section.

Hosted by the guy who likes to stay on the ground, David the Day.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Hosts’ Warm Up (#SrslyChildhoodGames)
  • 26:15 Who Is Dookieshed?
  • 43:14 What’s the Best Advice You’ve Received / Given?
  • 54:33 Revealing Our Greatest Fears
  • 1:08:17 Musical Break: The Loose – “Let You Down”
  • 1:11:55 If You Were a Popstar…
  • 1:30:29 Comic Books You Should Read

Links & Mentions

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