Jettero is out baking cookies with a Seagal while the rest of the casts meets for your weekly dose of entertainment! After an awesome hosts warm up with friends, strippers, and sports, Xian is curious what in our lives actually lived up to the hype?! Spoilers: NOT EVERYTHING SUCKS! Mark takes a deep dive into his old job as a security guard and tells the guys about some of the shocking stuff he experienced. After a chill music break, Winston wants to know how everyone wants to improve themselves on a deep level and then David totally hops on that train and has everyone play the “Better Me Game”! It’s a good deep dive into some crazy and some deep stuff–like a perfectly balanced meal.

Hosted by a self-improved version of Winston McDaniel.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Warm Up
  • 23:55 What Has Lived Up To The Hype?
  • 37:44 Mark’s Security Guard Stories
  • 57:36 Musical Break: Elaine Emilia – “In Between”
  • 1:01:56 What Things Would You Improve With Yourself?
  • 1:23:00 Better Me Game

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