Will people ever learn to be nice? David is mad from this weekend’s run in with some of Florida’s finest and asks what everyone’s pet peeves are—complete with some disagreeance about the left lane of the road. Mark, fresh off of turning 30, wants to cook more so asks the hosts what their favorite recipes are. After the break, Xian is inspired and wants to talk about some amazing people which leads us down the rabbit hole to the idea that Harry Styles MIGHT be a good actor. Jettero talks about the polarizing No Man’s Sky, and Winston ends the show off with a SPOILER FILLED DISCUSSION of Stranger Things. (So Spoiler Warning. Ye’ Been Warned!)

Just another night with the guys.

Shit….. we’re STILL hungry.

Thanks Mark….

Hosted by the most peeved of them all, David the Day.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Listener Questions
  • 8:40 Pet Peeves
  • 34:50 Favorite Recipes
  • 57:35 Musical Break: Mr. John – “The Way It Goes”
  • 1:02:35 Amazing, Incredible Human Things
  • 1:25:55 No Man’s Sky
  • 1:45:05 Stranger Things

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