Nah, we’re still in Florida at the breakfast bar. None the less, the guys tackle some listener questions in the warm up, Winston surprises them with some coooooool shit and then we play our first caller voice mail. Then the show rolls out like dis: Xian quizzes the guys on slang terms from Urban Dictionary. David asks what hobbies everyone has that none of their friends are into, and then forces a blood pact on the guys to try each others’ hobbies. Nasty stuff. Winston talks about Harry Potter, how everyone grew up with it, and what they want from the future. After the break, Jettero asks what everyone’s favorite story from their life is, which includes: heartbreak, love, and a tale of childhood trauma. Mark bats last on the show, but nails it out of the park by having the guys answer questions from Yahoo! where we realize the human race, in fact, is not in a good state of mind.

This episode is going for gold, will it get there?!


Hosted by Panda Suit 2010, Winston McDaniel.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Warm Up / Bean Boozled Giveaway / #SrslyFaveGame
  • 22:04 Slang Game
  • 30:55 Friend-less Hobbies
  • 48:40 The Future of Harry Potter
  • 1:07:02 Musical Break: Alaskan Deep – “Grey”
  • 1:13:04 Favorite Stories
  • 1:41:30 Yahoooooooooooo! Questions!

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