The guys have their first argument on the show as David brings the age(ish) old question to the breakfast bar: “How do you pronounce GIF?” Xian highlights his favorite announcements coming out of Star Wars Celebration, including… THRAWN!!!! Winston admits he loves “dressing to impress” and asks the guys what they think–which then leads to a lesson on the “Unstructured Blazer.” Thanks Xian, you smart, smart man. After the break, Mark has everyone play Loaded Questions before Jettero asks what the worst physical pain they’ve ever felt was.

It’s just another night at the breakfast bar.

Unstructured Blazers… JEEZE!

Hosted by Winston McDaniel.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Warm Up
  • 9:30 How to Pronounce GIF?
  • 22:00 Star Wars Celebration
  • 39:50 Outfit of the Day (OOTDs)
  • 50:27 Musical Break: Darker Still – “I Had It All”
  • 1:02:10 Let’s Play: Loaded Questions
  • 1:22:30 The Worst Physical Pain

Links & Mentions
How To Really Pronounce GIF

Rogue One Celebration Reel:

Rogue One Panel (Spoilers Edited Out)

Star Wars Archaeology Panel:


This guy is really mad about GIF / JIF. (“Also he’s wrong” – David)


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