Welcome to the first episode of SrslyCasual, your new favorite thing, like EVER!

In the first episode, meet the cast right before joining David, Winston, Jettero, Christian, and Mark for the next hour-ish as they dive into what super powers they wished they had, complete with¬† “bro-code” breaking villains. Then the guys break down a couple of the stand outs from E3 and realize that Nintendo needs to step up their game and VR is dope. After a short break, David pits friends against friends in a game of “Podcast or Improv Troupe” right before Christian tells us about the future, and it’s *bleeping* cool! Mark rounds off the show trying to get us addicted to his favorite mobile games, along with some of his favorite apps–which oddly leads us down a path to calling a random person in the Middle East.

Come hang out with the cast of SrslyCasual while you grocery shop, mow the lawn, adjust that insurance rate, or you know, whatever the heck it is you do when listening to your new favorite podcast. Srsly.

Hosted by David the Day.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intros / Meet the cast
  • 11:59 Superpowers
  • 27:40 Post-E3 Thoughts
  • 44:40 Musical Break: Rise of Saturn – Camcorder
  • 49:40 “Podcast or Improv Troupe?”
  • 59:10 Drone Racing
  • 1:15:15 Mobile Gaming & Apps

Links & Mentions
Jett’s Post-E3 Game Trailers & Reveals
Drone Racing
Mark’s Essential Mobile Games & Apps

Cast Twitters

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