Xian is back! And oh boy were the guys excited! This show starts off with a bang–listener voicemails! Talking about football, show length, and Jennifer Lawrence + Xian’s girlfriend? Ohhhhhhhh yea!! Mark asks everyone what are different metaphors for, you guessed it, S.E.X! Yea! David is hyper curious what are some weird-ass jobs the guys have had. Warning: there are “creams” and old man dongles. Jettero wonders why the internet sux so much, and it wants to hate literally everything (We <3 you Sean Murry). After the break, Winston wants some help with his book, and Mark, of course, ruins it. Then the guys end off the night playing a few shrewd rounds of Snake-Oil Salesmen presented by Xian himself. It’s good to have The Denim Devil back.

Hosted by the man who knows the difference between dryness and pain during insertion, David the Day.

Topics / Minutes

  • 0:00 Intro / Warm Up
  • 12:48 Alternative Sex Metaphors (#SrslyCasualSex)
  • 20:27 Weirdest Jobs
  • 37:40 The Internet Sux
  • 53:59 Musical Break: Terrapin – “Vacuum”
  • 58:55 Writing a Chapter for Winston
  • 1:13:40 Snake-Oil Salesman Game

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